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Thai Express

Thai Express Tour


  • Thailand, the country of contrasts.  Here spirituality and way of life of modern man coexist in harmony. When the night lights of Bangkok replaces the sunrise, a new world comes on the land of smiles. A world filled with rich and friendly culture. You will see this amazing world today.
  • Our journey begins visiting Phetchaburi city. Called the diamond of Thailand Kingdom. There you will see about 100 churches and monasteries. Three of the Royal Palaces are situated in vicinity of the city.
  • The majestic stalactite cave Tham Khao Luang will be the first stop in this city. The incumbent Buddhist temple is located in the huge rooms of the cave. Royal cave in which the king Rama V was meditating. Over 170 Buddha statues, established by Rama V  are placed there. The strong energy of this place gathers a largest number of pilgrims in Southeast Asia. You will be able to participate and see the ritual offerings to Buddha.
  • Next stop will be in national historical park “Pranakorn Kiri”. There we visit the summer palace of King Rama IV. Well known in Europe for the movies “The King and I” and “Anna and the King”. We will be transported to 19th century like in time machine. Since then, the palace has not changed. You will see the ascetic way in which the kings lived. Palace surrounded by a magnificient park will allow you to make beautiful pictures. At the foot of the mountain are settled glassmakers. For a small fee will make you an unique handmade souvenirs.
  • Next stop we are going to make in the smallest province of Thailand – the city Samut Songkhram. Every day, at noon an unusual phenomenon takes place there. In the center of town is situated a strange market, named ‘the market drop-down umbrellas’. The market is right on the railroad tracks. At noon, after hitting a gong, all on the market start moving. Literally for seconds counters are turned off, and through the market goes Samut Songkhram Express. A moment later, as if nothing had happened all the counters are back in place. This train is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most dangerous train in the world.
  • Along the way we visit the mystery of nature and Buddhism – the 400-year-old fig tree. The tree is growing directly on the walls of the temple. We will try a unique force Balm brewed  of herbs by the monks. Monks keep the Balm’s recipe in secret for more than four hundred years. Muay Thai fighters are drinking this Balm before fights. We are going to feed the animals in the small zoo on the territory of the monastery. Then we will visit the small particle of Europe in Asia, the residence of the Ratchaburi bishop. We will see the incredible beauty of the Catholic Saint Mary Cathedral.
  • At sunset, we will go to meet the canyon Khao Wong, a miracle of nature! The favorite relaxation spot of residents of Thailand, which is striking with its beauty.
  • A little tired, but satisfied we return to Pattaya.

Tour dates: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

105 USD per/adult.

60 USD per/child.